I told you I’d let you live with my words..and apparently drawing. :)

I miss you. How can you just..go so suddeny. Come back. Please. 

For Kuya Kurt

I never thought I’d want to be visited by a ghost
With you gone, all I want is to see you again
I want us to talk like we used to
And more because we have so much more to talk about
You ended our friendship  too soon
You left too soon
Why did you let that happen
I’m mad with you for that reason
And that reason alone
For now that you’re gone
And you’re messing up my ink with my tears
I’ve realized I love you
Because how can I feel this way if I don’t
There is only love or no love
And with you, there is
There is also only hate or no hate
And with you, there is
I hate you for making me feel this way
I hate you and I hate me but I love you
Please come back to life
Please come back to me
Please make my hopeless hopes come true
Talk to me again
Sing to me again
I miss you
Now that I know you’re forever gone
I miss you
And I know it’s stupid
But I’m sorry
I’m sorry.

Basic Cinnamon Vanilla Oatmeal

Originally posted on Tastefully Gluten Free:

I really, really though I’d posted this recipe months ago. I eat it at least once a week! It wasn’t until I was on the Daniel Fast and blogging about what I ate that I realized I hadn’t. Oppps! Better late then never, right?

Cinnamon Oatmeal 1

I call this recipe “Basic Cinnamon Vanilla Oatmeal” because it ends up being the base for many of my oatmeal creations. Some mornings I stir in peanut butter or almond butter, other mornings I add some dates and some coconut, other times I top it with chocolate chips. Steve likes his with an apple. There are lots of options for yummy additions. Yet, really, even served with no toppings or additions I find this oatmeal delicious every time. It has a sort of gentle sweetness, perfect for breakfast, but enough of a flavor to keep me interested enough to eat the whole bowl.

Cinnamon Oatmeal 2

This oatmeal recipe…

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To wander in a vast space of possibilities
is entering a slightly opened door
immediately, without giving a single peak,
but immediately
running throught it,
and finding such a crazy, cruel,
wonderous wonderland
filled with silly ideas
and ridiculous impulses
in a frozen time that
would simply sadly explode
and errode and fly away
like tiny pieces of paper
thrown and blown
from a party confetti,
and then swept off by the Cleaner
who’s just listening to his jam
through his headphones.


She is not a burden
Not a baggage nor a sag.
She is a back that aches
With the troubles of a drag.

She is not a roughness
On the bumps of the road.
She is a turning wheel
Going down with a load.

If the seas would rise
And witness what’s behold,
The sun would shine
And linger on her gold.

Out and back

Relationships dissolve
Like stars
Approaching day.

Friendships fade
Like moon
Coming to an end.

This thing we have go down
Like sun
Setting for the night.

But we always come back
Like heavenly bodies
Shine so bright.