Songs for my heartbreak

Say Something by A Great Big World
Stay With Me by Sam Smith
Smile in Your Sleep by Silverstein



We are traveling along a gradient. Currently we are in the lighter shade of red, fading into white
approaching into nothing, from where we started.

di ko gusto kanang ginapahulat hulat ko baaa

ayaw ko pahulati sa imong reply kay makalagot

ayaw ko pahulati sa imong intiation kay samok kaayo

why you doin this to me mehn whyyy


what if kapoy

what if kahilakon kaayo ko. what if nangarap na sad ko unya paasa galore na sad. what if sakit kaayo ang ing-ana na kapoy na usab sa feelings. what if dili nalang jud ko magfeel na ing-ani like ipahard nalang jud nako akong heart. what if mas effective gud ang defense mechanism na ing-ana. what if dili nalang ko magcare for my own sake. what if

trapping guilt

my heart is crumpled
by the claws of guilt
it is trapping every
single air i breathe
i am lost in the moment
of the past thats gone by
i am full of regrets
of what i have tried
i am a bursting bubble
of your dreams come true
i pop into pieces
at the moment of your awe
as you saw the reflection
and the rainbow
on the edge hanging
by the shining light
of your baby eyes

i am sorry
with the birds flying high
forgive my every step
that has passed by
i shan’t have done them
when you were alongside me
now that i have strayed too far
where else could i be?


I told you I’d let you live with my words..and apparently drawing. 🙂

I miss you. How can you just..go so suddeny. Come back. Please. 

For Kuya Kurt

I never thought I’d want to be visited by a ghost
With you gone, all I want is to see you again
I want us to talk like we used to
And more because we have so much more to talk about
You ended our friendship  too soon
You left too soon
Why did you let that happen
I’m mad with you for that reason
And that reason alone
For now that you’re gone
And you’re messing up my ink with my tears
I’ve realized I love you
Because how can I feel this way if I don’t
There is only love or no love
And with you, there is
There is also only hate or no hate
And with you, there is
I hate you for making me feel this way
I hate you and I hate me but I love you
Please come back to life
Please come back to me
Please make my hopeless hopes come true
Talk to me again
Sing to me again
I miss you
Now that I know you’re forever gone
I miss you
And I know it’s stupid
But I’m sorry
I’m sorry.